I have a 1st generation black face 2950 I’m almost done restoring.

All new electrolytic caps
upgraded filter caps(2200uf 25v)
16 gauge wire power leads from power plug to board
2sa473 changed to 2sa1012
2sb754 changed to NTE37(2sb817 equivalent)
NTE583 diodes installed along with transistor upgrades for improved am and ssb detector.
3 resistors and a disc cap paralleled for better modulation.
Grounded all crystals and carrier oscillator tanks to prevent drifting.
Pll alignment performed. Very very very close to on frequency.

All that aside... I have a locked clarifier on this radio. The big mod out there for it doesn’t work. The one with the resistor and diode removal then supply 8v off of one of the 7808 regulators to the one side of where the resistor fed the black wire of the harness. That mod does work but doesn’t work very well. There has to be a better way to unlock the clarifier I’m wondering besides this what I could do. I know of one other way that consists of cutting the wires free of the harness end that plugs in the main board, run the red wire to 8v, the black wire to ground but where do I move the center wire the wiper wire to???