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Thread: Ramsey kits gone byby

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    Ramsey kits gone byby

    Yup, don't know how long ago but they have given up the kit business. Regardless of weather their stuff was well liked I hate to see kit resources disappear.
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    I agree, it's a shame to see businesses of that nature go by the wayside. I often wonder how Heathkit would be doing today if they were still around. I'd suspect their SB-220's and it's cousins would still be in demand. The rest of their line would have changed drastically from what it was, I'm sure. That's assuming that today's youth among others would even want to bother assembling their own computer, cell phone, or what-not. I guess soldering just isn't as much fun or as cool as playing World of Warcraft. "Here ya go, Kid. It's an Xbox in kit form, git 'er done."
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