Why should you join.Well first off we are not like most other Forums.Meaning we here at The Radio Room have a laid back atmosphere where we provide a friendly community for Radio Operators of all types from all over the World.

Some of these types are but not limited to :

Cb Radio
Ham Radio
Trucker chat.

Maybe your tired of the facebook thing.Sure everyone's on it but with all there rules and such why even bother..They even force you to use your real name.Here at The Radio Room it does not matter..If your a CB'er you can use whatever your handle is or if your a Ham you can use your call sign if you wish.and yes even your real name if that what you want.

Even will all these groups that they have.. Have you posted in it and tried to find it days or weeks later or something someone else posted days or weeks later..Good luck with that..Here we have tons of info that can be found with no problem at all..

And besides as a Guest you only see a portion of what we offer our Members.We also usually have at least 1 or 2 free Giveaways every year that all Members can join in on.And a lot of information that can be found only here.

So with all that being said we look forward to meeting you.