Forum Rules

Forum Rules

General Rules
 1. Do not spam this forum or members via PM's.
 2. Please respect others opinions and allow them to voice them.
 3. We must all Agree to Disagree Agreeably. Do not deliberately start argument.
 4. Threats or open flaming of other members will not be tolerated.
 5. Please allow time for your questions to be answered.
 6. No unsafe links. No further explanation is required.
 7. Do not complain if you get caught telling tall tales and called out on it.
 8. We are all here to share, help and support each other.
 9. Multiple accounts are not allowed. All multiple accounts will be removed and banned.
10.Sponsors. We do not have Sponsors, we have Vendors. Want to be a vendor, PM the staff.
11. If you intend to use this forum to run your own business you must apply for vendor status. This does not apply to infrequent items for sale or trade.
12. Donations. The forum does accept donations to help cover server costs which will give you more access to other areas.
13. New users will be placed on Moderated status until we get to know you if we do not already know you.
14. Rules are subject to change based on the needs and growth of the forum. Arguing publicly about rules or rules enforcement with the Owners, Administrators, or Moderators will not be tolerated.
15. If you have any questions pertaining to Forum Rules or how to use the forum functions, please feel free to submit a PM to one of the Administrators or Moderators.
Amendment #1
Racial Comments of any kind will not be tolerated here at The Radio Room.This includes but is not limited to :individual posts and threads.

Amendment #2
The Owners and or Staff of The Radio Room, are in no way involved with or responsible for the PRIVATE sale, purchase , and or trade of weapons, fire arms, Bows, Knifes, Ammunition, or the parts for them.ALL Buyers and Sellers Foreign and or Domestic MUST comply with any and or all Federal rules set forth by The United States Of America and any Local laws that may apply.

Amendment #3
Third Party Websites
You accept that we cannot be held responsible for any third party Web sites that you may access through The Radio Room, and further agree that any third party content is not our responsibility. We do not endorse any third party Web sites or content unless clearly stated, and therefore cannot be held liable or responsible for any promotion, content, service or product that is located on a third party web site. We further cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage, offense that may be caused, or that you allege has been caused by third party content or Web sites.All and any contact that you have with third party traders or Web sites that you may come into contact with here at The Radio Room, including but not limited to payments for products or services, any conditions made, warranties offered, or contracts entered into, are your responsibility and not the responsibility of The Radio Room its Owners and or Staff.

Forum Infractions
1st offense will result in a polite Private Message from an Owner,Administrator or Moderator pointing out the reason in addition to the editing or deletion of the post.
2nd offense will be a public warning on the message board plus deletion of the post in question.
3rd offense will result in a temporary suspension of your account pending a discussion among the Owners, Administrators or Moderators as to the future of the user in question.
Owners, Administrators or Moderators may bypass any and all of the above listed steps and take immediate action if the infraction is serious enough to require such action.

Important Site Information