About Us


About Us

 The Radio Room was started on September 9Th 2010 by Papa Bear and Killroy after the sever went up in flames on the Radio Forum that we were both Administrators on for several years.After the downfall of the server we decided to start our own Radio Forum and decided to run it in our own way.Along the way we have had our own share of problems but we have managed to overcome these obstacals and have continued to move foward to provide a place that everyone can enjoy and share there love of the hobby with others.

About The Owners & Staff

 Papa Bear

Name:Papa Bear

Position:Owner & Founder

About Me:I got started in ham radio at a very young age thanks to my Father..by the time I got to my teen years I was also into CB Radios and have been bit by the bug ever sense..After I was grown I started my own CB Radio Shop and along the way decided to expand my mind some and learned to code html and code php..then some time later joined rednecks forum and eventually became a Administrator on with Killroy and until it ended..then Killroy and I started our own forum and here we are..



Position:Owner & Founder

About Me:I have been into radios since I was around 6 and watched my Dad talk on his. Every now and then he would let me talk on it, I was hooked. Started Trucking and they have been a part of my everyday life for many years. Got into radio forums looking for info one day, joined ClownTown, got banned, found Rednecks and was an Admin there till it crashed. Then Bear an I started Deep South Radios, which I am proud to say IMO is the best forum out there.



Position:Administrative Operations Manager

Contact Me: Send Me A P.M.

About Me:I have been roaming around radio communications forums for more years than I would care to count. I was a member of the old Rednecks forum before it went belly up. I migrated to The Radio Room from there. I met Roadrunner a couple years back at the Manchester break and we had several general conversations about this forum. A few months pasted and Papa Bear and Killroy were looking for people to be considered for a staff position. For some reason Roadrunner threw my name in the hat. And as they say The Rest is History. Even though this position is challenging not to mention time consuming I consider myself very fortunate to be part of this team.




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About Me:My initial venture into radio was in the early 60's after using walkie talkies in Boy Scouts. Since that time I've been in and out of the hobby more times than my wallet and I care to remember. The last 25 years or so, I've been constructing my own directional antenna arrays, when time, work, and health permit. I was a member over at Reneck's Forum, and when it went down, I was invited to join over here. Papa B. invited me to join the Management Team, and the rest, as they say, is history.



Position:Senior Moderator

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About Me: I got introduced to radio as a kid riding around with my Dad as he was hauling the cars he had restored to car shows. I would talk on the radio as much as he would let me. I kinda lost interest as I got older then as a teenager me and some buddies put radio's in our trucks so we could talk while out mudding. That is when the bug really hit and I started getting serious. Chop invited me over here from CB Radio Chat and the rest is history.




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About Me:I got started in CB like a lot of folks in the Mid 70's when CB Radio was at it's height... Went by the handle "Screamin Demon". Then back around 1979 a local bank got robbed, and one of the suspects matched my description, and had a car like mine, so one of my neighbors turned me in as being one of the bank robbers (white guy, 5'10+, mid 20's, and a Red and White 77 Monte Carlo)...I spent a whole weekend in the poky! However, I could prove I was at work at the time of the robbery, and was eventually let go...about a week or so later the real robbers were caught. (2 Mexican guys, in a Maroon Old's Cutlass...close enough I guess)...After that, my friends kept saying "I was a regular Jesse James"...rest is History!

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